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What We're About A Rucas And Lucaya Love Story Episode 1
Nama:What We're About A Rucas And Lucaya Love Story Episode 1
Date:23 December 2015
Type:Video to Mp3
User:Girl meets Stories and fan-videos

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Deskripsi atau Lyrics Lagu What We're About A Rucas And Lucaya Love Story Episode 1

Riley's p.o.v
Ok where do I start oh yea my life my life has been awful want to know why well here a story about one year ago before we moved

Christmas Eve
Riley: yay Christmas
Katrina: Christmas out of my way you whimp
Riley: hey
Katrina: sticks tongue out
Riley: hey this is my present
Katrina: takes her present a throws it at the wall
Riley: hey your the worse sister ever
Katrina: ha I love bullying my sister

Continue of Riley's p.o.v
And that's how my life ended up now she a senior and acting like a drama queen and acting like she doesn't even know me
Well enough of my boring and awful life I'm going to school now

At school
Riley: walks out of the office thank you sir
Maya: hey your new right
Riley: yea who are you
Maya: I'm Maya the trouble one around here
Riley:really cool
Maya: yea
Riley: well bye
Maya: wait I heard about your life
Riley: oh you did
Maya: yea sorry about your you know sister
Riley: yea well it ok
Lucas: hey Maya who this
Maya: oh this is Riley she new Riley this is my boyfriend Lucas
Riley: nice to meet you
Farkle: hey Maya hey Lucas who this girl
Maya: this is Riley Riley this is Farkle
Riley: cool I like your shirt
Farkle; thanks
Riley: no problem
Wow looks like Riley found some new friends well more soon bye

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