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Payung Teduh - "Tidurlah" (Official Music Video)
Nama:Payung Teduh - "Tidurlah" (Official Music Video)
Date:08 January 2012
Type:Video to Mp3
User:Servo caesar prayoga

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Deskripsi atau Lyrics Lagu Payung Teduh - "Tidurlah" (Official Music Video)

WATERPIG proudly presents:

'Tidurlah'-Payung Teduh (Official Video)

This is the official music clip of "Tidurlah", one of soothing yet inspiring song from Payung Teduh. We had a very memorable experiences during the shooting process. There's a lots of lesson learned, from a lots of brave souls, whose got a lots of values. We owe billions of positive inspiration from the people at Traditional Market of Kebayoran Lama. Hopefully through this humble clip, we can always remember every glimpse we had back then. Enjoy the video... [^_^]

PS: No animals were harmed during the making of this clip.

Payung Teduh are:
Mohammad Istiqamah Djamad - Vocal & Guitar
Comi Aziz Kariko - Contra Bass
Ivan Penwyn - Guitalele
Alejandro Saksakame - Drums & Cajone

credit title:
director & editor - SERVO 'AVO' CAESAR PRAYOGA
asst.cameraperson - AZHAR
production support - MARSYA DITIA & INGE

Special Thanks to:
Ramondo Gascaro
Sarah Glandosch
Glibet 'Gege' Garda
Eldio Meilano
Diyan 'Laferboy' Surya
All folks at Pasar Traditional Kebayoran Lama

Don't forget to visit Payung Teduh's page at:
FB Fanpage: Payung Teduh
Twitter @payungteduh

Copyright┬ęPayungTeduh 2011.All Rights Reserved.

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