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Hwang Chi Yeul K-News (OST"Because I Miss You) 2016 1010
Nama:Hwang Chi Yeul K-News (OST"Because I Miss You) 2016 1010
Date:10 October 2016
Type:Video to Mp3
User:HCY Indonesia Fanbase

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Host: Hello, everyone. This is Cultural Plaza.
The drama “Love in the Moonlight” is undergoing an intensive post-production of shooting. Its OST have also become a hotly debate topic among the audience.
Singer, Hwang Chi Yeul, comes as the last protagonist in the grand finale of the OST. We came to the studio for this interview.
There are 4 more episodes to go before the ending of this drama. The recordings of the OST have also been in full swing.
The musical instructor for this drama is Kang Dong-yun (stage name: Ant) [Translated based on the pronunciation]. Being a professional in this field, he has been the musical instructor for many drama shows, including “Descendants of the Sun”, and there is no exception for this drama.
The last OST protagonist, Hwang Chi Yeul is doing the recording. Although the female version of the song has been released, this well-prepared male version of the song will definitely also be a refreshing one.
Yeul: Cuz [this song will be released] in the last episode, I really hope that this song can let people relate themselves to it. Park Bo-gum’s feelings demonstrated in the drama can harmonize with the music~
For one thing, OST needs not disturb audience to concentrate on the drama. The details such as breathing and pronunciation also should not be neglected. (“Ant”’s instructing Yeul for the pronunciation)
Yeul: Sometimes pronunciations may be left behind when pouring out all the feelings and emotions on the stage. Therefore, much efforts must be put into the recording.
The effect must be shown to the fullest when such elaborate OST meets the most suitable scene perfectly.
“Ant”: My stance is the same as the director, which is matching the OST perfectly with the scenes, letting the audience feel the same way.
(Showing the scenes of the drama)
That is the scene which many people have been talking about after being shown on TV. Music gives people a huge difference in feelings.
This is without the music (just the scene) ~ Music comes with the scene~
Like this, OST is indispensable for a drama~ Looking forward to the rest of the episodes~
Translated by Weibo 龟尾妹妹Jenny

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